Monday, November 23, 2009

Pouring The Foundation

November 23. 2009 The rain has held us up. After Johnny and his crew dug the foundation, it poured rain. They had to dig it out again to install the rebar. Everytime they scheduled to come back, it rained. Today they finally poured the foundation. Concrete block should be delivered to the site tomorrow. The foundation seems massive for the house we are putting on it. Chris, the architect, explains that the curved roof would create uplift in a high wind and the foundation is to hold the house down, as well as up.
The upright rebars will come through the block and then concrete poured in the cavity. A bond beam will be poured on top of the wall with rebar in the bond beam. Steel connectors will be attached to the rebar in the bond beam and the containers welded to the connectors.