Sunday, May 23, 2010

Interior Framing and Screened Porch

The screened porch is approximately 16' x 24'.  It must accomodate a Pawley's Island Hammock and a picnic table.  It is supported by concrete piers on the outside and brackets welded to the container on the inside.  This view shows the the sliding glass door (salvage) to the den and the kitchen window which is over the sink. 

Interior framing has been installed.  We made the decision to frame out inside because sprayed urethene insulation was expensive, plus Johnny felt that the plumbing and electrical would be less expensive to install within the interior framing.    The rooms are all clearly defined now and one can get the feel of the layout.  The living room windows are shown from the inside.  The windows must still be sealed with foam from the inside and outside to connect the framing on the inside and to close the corrugations on the outside.  The windows must also be loosened and caulked between the window and the container.  One window will have to be replaced as it had been broken by vandals.

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  1. hello! have you had any issues with only using wood for framing your windows and doors? i see most are using steel tubing, however, we wanted to try wood due to the cost factor. thanks for your response.