Sunday, May 23, 2010

Progress Again

In order to make the unit as tight as possible, I chose not to penetrate the top of the containers.  Upright bolts are welded to receive two wood 2x4 anchor plates for the trusses.  You can see the corner block with holes used for lifting and locking the ocean going container.  The anchor plates will have to fitted around the corner block. The first of the 2x4 anchor plate is bolted down.  A second anchor plate will be attached to the first.  This run is along the front of the house.  Both anchor plates have been attached to the entire perimeter of the house.  Beams have been installed.  The beams were necessary to cover the porches, where there was no container to support the trusses.  Temporary posts are supporting the beams.  Hollow posts will replace the temporary posts, through which hurricane straps embedded in the foundation will tie the beams and roof trusses to the foundation.  Brackets had to be fabricated from 1/4" steel plate, and welded to the containers to receive the beams.  The brackets are approximately 3" wide x 11" high x 8" deep.  The same brackets were welded to the container to receive the support beams for the floors of the porches.  I feel sure there are standard manufactured brackets that can be purchased to avoid having to have them fabricated. 

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