Friday, April 22, 2011

Living In A Container House

Living Porch

The container house has been home for four months now.  We are still working inside and things move slowly.  This week we got rid of the last of the construction debris.  Several weeks ago, we cleared the porch of building material.  I have been pleased with the power bills.  The tankless instant water heater works well as it has for me in another house. 


Bookshelf in Den

Entrance From Inside

Guest Bath With Mirror in Antique Frame


  1. John, your place looks great ! We have a tankless water heater and love it too. I just can't see heating water when your to using it. I like your deck too , easy to take a nap in there.Been real busy but i will try to write you more often.


  2. John, I got your website from Jack McCormick. I'm gearing up to build a container home down here in Marion, SC. I'd love to connect with you to go over some of the issues I'm trying to figure out, first of which is do you know of an engineer in SC who has had some experience w/ containers? If you get this message drop me an email at Thanks!

  3. hi guys !! I been looking the amazing work that you are bean doing on your great shipping containers houses.I live in Baltimore county in Maryland and I want to do the same you'll guys did.I have no idea from where start, nor i don't know is this is possible to do in Maryland Baltimore county.Me and my wife we are been looking for lots or a possibles piece of property fro sale foer built a shipping container house , but one question that we been asking all the time is... What happen if we buy any piece of land and them we do not get the permit for built a shipping container house? may you comment on this or any suggestion about what kine of land is have to look for do this.

    1. Hi, Mr Nieto, please let me know if you able to build this container homes and what county, because I've been planning also to build one where I can live. And also what kind of permit, or engineer, and maybe the step by step procedure of what you did?
      Actually I live in PG county and I went to the county already and ask about this but they ignore me and they laugh at me, I feel so humiliated. Then I keep on saving to make a downpayment for a house but bank doesn't approve me and I'm planning to buy a lot instead of putting a downpayment and look for manufactured homes or mobile homes but still it will cost me more until I realize and make ideas about this container homes, I have and made desings already but I'm not sure if I need an engineer for this so that the county will approve me to build this. But the most part that I cannot forget was when I went to the county to ask and they laugh at me. But anyway, please advise me and let me know. Thank you very much. Have a wonderful day.

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