Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Changing Colors

Progress is slow but it is progress.  I am painting the house with a light green paint to which I have added the silicon NASA beads.  http://www.hytechsales.com/  They are advertised as a similar product used on the space shuttle to coat the heat shield tiles.  The house is looking less and less like containers and more like a house.  One friend though, said this picture made it look like a mobile home.  I have framed all the windows with treated lumber and am waiting for them to age some before staining.  After a year, I am still pleased with the house, and would love to try another one.  At this point, I just do not have an excuse to build another house!


  1. I love this. Have researched container apartments in Europe. I would love to do one for Oaks. Please send me tons of pictures. Lost cost housing. This is a project I can get excited about.

  2. Hi, very interested in your container house project and would like general info if you can. my family run a construction company back in Africa, and am thinking of providing low cost homes for people, I would like to get in touch if possible. one quick question, as we have problem generating electricity for air conditioning in Africa, how would one deal with ventilation in temperature as high as 40 degree c? I see you have used a silicon based paint, it this sufficient or more adjustment should be made?


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